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Carla’s story
“My husband of 23 years told me he had met another women, and he left me. I was devastated. How could this be happening? We had our struggles but we always worked things out. Now this! I felt abandoned and completely worthless. A friend suggested I join a There is Hope group. I was desperate, and finally I went. The other women in the group shared their stories and the group leader helped us sort through our pain and suffering. I can truly say this transformed my life, and now I’ve gone through There is Hope leader’s training, and I lead a small group. It is amazing to be part of these women’s lives and to see God bring them from a place of brokenness to new life. I’m blessed to be a Bearer of Hope!”

  • Women who minister to other women are Bearers of Hope.

  • These women help others experience freedom, restoration, comfort and hope.

  • They are busy loving and serving others, and they, too, need to be spurred on to grow in their walk with the Lord, and be reminded to find rest in the Lord.

  • Join a group

  • Attend a retreat

  • Share your story

There is Hope to...
bear one another’s burdens and find rest in the Lord