There is Hope! International
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There is Hope to...
stand firm in our faith

  • Women of Virtue & Hope are making a commitment to stand firm in their faith.

  • They are learning to be prepared to honor God as they face whatever challenges arise.

Our culture is increasingly hostile to Christianity, but There is Hope!

We help women live with virtue, grace and strength during these difficult times. As Christians, we have gotten used to considering ourselves the majority in this country. We got comfortable living in a country that predominantly held a Christian worldview. That has changed drastically in a very short time.

Halley’s Story “I felt so different from my neighbors and the people at work. Although I have never known what it would be like to have a dad, or what it means to be a family, I really want to be a good wife and mother, but it is so hard. The world is so upside down it seems that I am odd, or a prude or bigot if I don’t live an immoral life. And, all we hear is news about school shootings, terrorism and our decaying culture. How can all this be happening? I was afraid for my family. I was afraid for myself. I wondered, how can a person be faithful in the face of so much evil? I thought I was alone until I found other women committed to standing firm in their faith in this troubled culture.”